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Expert Career Services Put Job Candidates in the Top 2% … Literally.

Our Career Management services cover every aspect of your career. Everything you need to assess, identify, build, market, negotiate, and manage your career you will find right here.

We provide the winning moves you need to gain job prospects, get your foot in the door, ace the interview, and negotiate your salary…all at a high return on your investment. The beauty of our services is that we can perform as many or as few of your career management functions as you like.

All are conducted by top industry leaders. Our mission is to provide you with the best of the best to help you catapult your career quickly!

Putting Your Best Foot Forward
to Catapult Careers

With a full understanding of the 21st century job market, we put your best foot forward through personal brand development, interview-generating resumes, self-discovering career assessments, online identity building, social networking, web portfolio creation, and more—all to help position you at the top at your highest salary potential.  

Benefits of Our Career Services

  1. 1.We’ll develop your unique Personal Brand that compels hiring managers to seek you out. MORE

  2. 2.A highly successful resume that generates interviews at an exorbitantly higher rate than the norm. MORE

  3. 3.An in-depth understanding of successful job search methods to maximize your possibilities. MORE

  4. 4.If you’re seeking a career change, we’ll help you discover and attain your new profession quickly. MORE

  5. 5.You will harness the benefits of social networking. MORE

  6. 6.Your positive online identity will help you get hired. MORE

  7. 7.Ace the interview and land the job you want quickly with confidence and self-empowerment. MORE

  8. 8.Increased earnings potential using proven successful salary negotiation techniques. MORE

  9. 9.The best of the best at a high ROI to  you.


A highly effective way to ace the interview is by showcasing actual challenges and solutions, work samples, degrees, and other qualifications by virtue of an Interview Portfolio that you can refer to during discussion. We’ll either build or review your Portfolio to capitalize on your strengths. MORE

Interviewing is an art which can be learned. Whether you are inherently shy or outwardly assertive, we help you gain the confidence, competitive edge, and empowerment you need through effective interview and salary negotiation skills training to land the job you seek at your highest salary potential. MORE

Looking for a job can be harder work than having a job because there is a lot involved to marketing yourself correctly. You can sit back and enjoy your time off while we handle the job search and career marketing for you, while you network, network, network. MORE

One of the best ways to create your positive online identity is to have a Web Portfolio that you can site in your resume, direct prospects to, and hiring managers can find on the Internet. It will showcase your Personal Brand, qualifications, achievements, and help you stand out from your competition. MORE

Expert Career Services Help Put
Job Candidates in the Top 2%

The secret to compel hiring managers to seek you out is to identify, develop, and market your Personal Brand. We develop your Personal Brand Message to capitalize on your benefits, value proposition, and return on investment to prospective employers—providing you with an extreme competitive edge over other candidates. MORE

We write your LinkedIn bio and other social networking profiles to build your online identity so when hiring managers Google you, there is a greater chance of your being found and getting hired quicker. MORE


Our interview-generating resumes put our clients generally in the top 2% of candidates called for interviews. That’s because we apply absolutely every Resume Writing strategy, technique, and secret known to the profession in making you shine. Our Resume Packages work so well, we GUARANTEE RESULTS or will refund your money. MORE

Today, 88% of hiring managers Google your web presence before considering you for a position. If you do not have a positive online identity, you may miss out on job opportunities you will not even know existed. We develop your positive online identity to increase your job potential. (See also WEB RESUME DEVELOPMENT and SOCIAL NETWORKING SETUPS.) MORE



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Putting Your Best Foot Forward

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Looking to enter or re-enter the job market or seek a career change? We help you find the profession that’s a perfect fit for you and then assist you in attaining it quickly. Through an enlightening Career Assessment Program and in-depth self-discovery process, we help job seekers transition into new careers quickly. MORE

Resume Distribution puts your resume in the hands of hiring managers by targeting firms with positions that match your qualifications. Successfully marketing yourself is crucial to opening as many doors as possible to land your new job quickly, and Resume Distribution will help accelerate your job search. MORE